This weekend, the Sex Lube Grand Atheletic Meet was held in Tokyo. Covered in lotion, folks competed in a handful of events. The competition looked rather stiff!

According to blogger Dutch, who participated in this year's meet, over a hundred people participated in this subculture event. In Japanese, sex lube is called "lotion" (ローション or rooshon), and a sex lube enthusiast is a "lotionist" (ローショニスト or rooshonisuto).

Yes, "lotion" (ローション) can also refer to regular lotion, as in baby lotion, but the clear stuff is for screwing, not skin conditioning.

While loads of regular folks lube up just like elsewhere, the lotion sporting meet was hardly a mainstream event, even if it's being covered by mainstream outlets like Excite News.


Courtesy of Twitter user Taka, here are some proud lotionists at the recent get together:

Make no mistake, while unbashedly in tune with sexuality, the meet wasn't some giant real-life porno. There were rules about clothes. Nudity was prohibited—though, assless chaps seemed to be okay! Participants even wore helmets to prevent injury. Safety first!


[Photo: NPN]

There was an array of events, like sumo, an obstacle course, a tug of rope, and a giant ball relay.

Oh, and lube curling.


Let's not forget the lube wrestling, either.

[Photo: keychansan]


[Photo: ExciteJapan]

And here's the clean up at the rear of the competition. [Photo: keychansan]


The event was held at wrestling complex 1st Ring in Shinkiba, and participants shelled out 10,800 yen (around US$100) to compete, while spectators coughed up 3,240 yen ($30) to watch the spectacle. The Sex Lube Grand Athletic Meet was organized by the Sex Lube Sports Association. No, really.

For any lotionists hard up about missing this weekend's contest, don't fret. There will be another competition on July 5 and July 6 at Lagunasia resort park in Aichi Prefecture. So start lubing up right now.

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Clips: 寺西ジャジューカ

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