The Settlers Online Colonizes North America as Castle Empire

Ubisoft knows exactly what North America needs: More free-to-play, micro transaction-fueled, browser-based online empire building sims. The Settlers Online is making its way to North America, with a generic name change to make sure it sounds as unappealing as possible.

Castle Empire, developed by the original creators of The Settlers at Ubisoft's Blue Byte Studio has lured countless Europeans into a never-ending battle for territory and trade goods. The free-to-play title sees players building ever-growing cities, exploring the wilds, setting up trade routes, and doing battle with their neighbors. It's your basic empire-building game, which is probably why they decided to go with the descriptive new title.


"The game has had an excellent initial Beta phase in Europe, adding to Ubisoft's growing list of top-notch free-to-play, browser-based games, and we're excited to begin rolling it out to new territories," said Chris Early, Vice President of Digital Publishing at Ubisoft North America. "Castle Empire is a highly entertaining game that highlights Ubisoft's strategy to bring enjoyable experiences to their players while expanding its gaming expertise."

Castle Empire is now accepting closed beta applications.

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