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The Secrets Players Have Discovered in Bloodborne’s New Patch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Bloodborne’s first (and only) expansion, The Old Hunters, arrives on Tuesday. In advance, From Software has deployed a patch that not only fixes a few things, it adds a bunch of content to the game that people are only beginning to discover.

First and foremost, patch 1.07 adds a new covenant for players to align themselves with: The League. (You can switch covenants without consequence, so think of them as side quests.) This covenant is focused on co-op play, rewarding players for jumping into other people’s games and helping them out.


You’ll also want to join The League for the DLC, but I can’t explain why yet; the embargo for The Older Hunters won’t be lifted until Monday. Stay tuned there.

It’s easy enough to get the ball rolling with The League. Its leader, Valtr, is found in a few locations, but the easiest one is near the first lamp in the Forbidden Forest. Remember the windmill that’s over to the right, where the first shortcut is located? Find your way to that windmill and you’ll find Valtr.


Here’s a video showing you how to do it, step-by-step:

Unsurprisingly, the Bloodborne subreddit has already started tearing into the patch, finding other tweaks that range from surprising to long overdue.

Based on FnFnc’s experimentation, it’s apparently now possible to parry with Augur of Ebrietas, an arcane weapon that sprouts tentacles from your hand.

Blkee noticed changes to how scaling gems work, making them more useful:


fourthsequence showed off the hilarious new League weapon, Madara’s Whistle:


I recommend you watch the entire video here, and anyone hoping to deploy Madara’s Whistle can follow these simple steps, outlined by FirehawkDRK75:


Also, if you’ve avoided the flamethrower in the past because it eats through your bullets, LeonAmongWolves discovered the patch makes it more viable:


Juutas1988 has a great overview of the additions, if video is your preference:

I’ll have a lot more to say about Bloodborne next week!

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