The Secret World Secrets Surface, Beta Access Teased

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Norwegian website has scored the exclusive continuation of Funcom's teaser trailer for The Secret World, and a chance at beta access has appeared on the game's official website.


The trailer, much like the frozen treats trailer previously released, is full of carefully distilled win. A blonde woman walks through a playground at night; a mysterious creature appears; awesome ensues. It doesn't tell us much more about the game, but that's where the Dark Days are Coming website comes in. A link has appeared on the site with a personality quiz that rates your suitability for one of three game factions - the untamed Illuminati, the holy Templars, and the manipulative Dragon. Completing the quiz and filling out your name and email qualifies you for game updates, a package of wallpapers and avatars, a chance at beta access, and an exclusive in-game item once the MMO launches.

Incidentally, I fit the Dragon clan, as my Facebook profile now indicates. Why set the world on fire when you can make others do it for you? Look at me. The game is nowhere near complete and I'm already roleplaying.

Blir «The Secret World» en våt konspirasjonsdrøm? [ -thanks Lars!]


Stanley Kirk Burrell

Holy crap! I didn't realize Ragnar Tørnquist was designing this game. I absolutely love the longest journey and dreamfall. I'm now officially excited. Now it's just going to be a matter of which new mmo i end up sticking with final fantasy, knights of the old republic, or this. The worst part is... i really wish i could avoid playing mmos. They are such a horrible time and money sink.