The Secret World Developer Lays Off "Around Half" Its Staff

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Modern-day MMO The Secret World has a great deal going for it. The world is interesting, there are clear plans for regular content updates, and their new raid looks lovely. It even has a free trial now. But unfortunately, what it doesn't have going for it is subscribers.


Developer Funcom, based in Norway, had announced earlier this month that, due to poorer than projected sales and subscriptions, "cost-cutting measures"—read as, layoffs—would be coming. And, sadly, they have. Yesterday, rumors were floating around of up to a 50% reduction in staff. Today, Funcom confirmed that estimate, saying:

Around half of the company's personnel have been affected, with some departments being more affected than others. To make sure Funcom is in the best possible position to realize its plans for both existing games as well as future projects, the company is focusing on retaining as many as possible on the production teams.

Funcom also stressed the "temporary" nature of some, though not all, of the layoffs. Offices in Montreal, Beijing, Oslo, and Durham, NC were hit.

Funcom reduces operational costs following ‘The Secret World' launch [Funcom]



I honestly always thought this game would work better as a single-player RPG of somekind, perhaps with some online component...but not its main focus.

The world is amazingly interesting, as is the storyline, and the locations/settings are cool...but generally I'm not up for paying to continue to play the game (I'm up for DLC though).

It's a shame...I'd like to see this one succeed, but developers need to find a better way of getting their money back on these things rather than just having subscription fees...