The Secret World Begins to Share its Mysteries in This Launch Trailer

Funcom's new MMORPG The Secret World officially launches today and with it, this new trailer for the game.


The game is in some ways a departure from most traditional MMOs. The biggest difference is that it's set in our real Earth, in the 21st century. Characters wear jeans and business suits and carry smartphones and tell you to go Google things. Players wander around plausibly recreated corners of London, New York City, and Seoul. And then horrible monsters leap out of the woodwork to eat your face. You know. Like they do.

Yours truly has been putting some time into the game over the past few days, and it's definitely an interesting experience. My first log of impressions will be running later this afternoon.


It's an interesting ride, plagued by some abysmal customer service and some poor decisions in game play.

On the plus side, they aren't afraid to make you actually google the answer. The quests can't always be solved in game. You also need to make use of the ARG stuff and look up info on the Orochi sites or what have you. That's an interesting element.

Some of the best characters and stories I've seen in a while. The characters all have a real dark twist to them that isn't immediately obvious. It manages to be adult without relying on base crassness. I like that. I also like the setting.

On the negative are the solo missions. My friend and I are levelling together. He went tank and I split healing and DPS. I don't have his survivability (I have 3500HP and heal for 120 with a heal I need to DPS to cast). He can breeze through solo missions where I need to put them off until I can outlevel them. It also doesn't help that in some missions he's getting attacked by one mob but in the same place, I get attacked by 8 that bizarrely aggroed from the end of the instance.

There are also items in the world that get broken if more than one person uses them. One mission requires you to click on items on a machine in order. If anyone else uses the machine while you are, it ceases to work and you have to wait an hour or more to try again.

If you're in a group and you get a phone call to advance a mission, only one group member gets the call. The other needs to drop group, walk out of the zone, rezone in, and walk back to the location that triggers the call. That's annoying.

Some quests are on internal timers. For example the ravens in Kingsmouth. If someone has just killed the revenant, you'll fail the mission because it hasn't reset yet. That means going back to the starting point, running and refailing the mission until the timer resets and you can complete it.

It seems like this was intended to be a solo MMO and very little work was done on the interactions with groups or groups of people. However, like I said I've loved the story and characters and there are some interesting game play decisions that will keep me here until GW2 comes out.