The Secret Passageways In Kotaku

You can hang out in the main room of Kotaku, reading stories we write for you. But if you slide the bookcase or push a loose brick on the fireplace you can access the hidden halls of Kotaku's tagpages.

If you can a theme page on Kotaku, it can exist. All you need to do to find it is type And if you don't see one — and if you're a starred commenter — then go to that white box on the top of and write a new comment with a new hashtag. Voila! You will have a tag page of your own, essentially your very own Kotaku page.


These are some of the top ones that exist now.

#Deals Where you can find out how to buy games cheap.

#KotakuEditorialBoard A great place to yell at us and suggest changes in how we do things.

#Speakup Run your own mini-Kotaku here, a place where you can post the cool gaming news you find that we haven't gotten to.

#TAYpics Where people deface timeless art in the hopes of having their work features on our official daily forum post.


#Tips The best place to reveal video games' biggest secrets and scandals.

Got a tagpage that you've started and want people to know about? Mention it in the comments here. Just don't knock three times on the black tile on the kitchen floor. That doesn't do anything. [PIC]

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