The Second Wave of Halo Anniversary Edition Toys Gets Animated

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How many different Master Chief figures can McFarlane Toys make? Oh they're just getting started. The company recently announced series two of the Halo Anniversary Edition figures, featuring the white-striped version of John 117 from the animated Halo Legends short "The Package".

And what a package series two will be. We've got "The Package" version of Master Chief, anime-styled and decorated with the distinctive white accents that John wore during the CG short. Then there's Captain Jacob Keyes in the sharp grey uniform he wears in the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. We'll be transported back to the color customization days of Halo 2 with a white and blue version of the Spartan Mark VI, while Mickey from Halo 3: ODST comes built to scale with his fellow ODST members, decked out in stylish black and red. Rounding out the assortment is a double shot of Halo 3's Sentinel and Guilty Spark, the latter of which comes with a reversible blue and red eye, for when it's feeling slightly evil.

As an added bonus, each of the five figures will come with a piece of the series' unique build-a-figure: A 3D representation of the UNSC Logo, the perfect backdrop to your collection.


All this, plus a triple pack of Jerome-092, Douglas-042 and Alice-130, the Spirit of Fire Red Team from Halo Wars.

I've not purchased one figure from the McFarlane collection myself, for fear of reverting to the days when I used to drive around all night looking for gold-painted Spawn figures. Still I can't deny how sexy they'd look on my entertainment center. Perhaps I'll try just one.

Series two is due out in March of 2012.

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The dang things are like Cheetos: you can't eat just one. I started at series 1 a few years back and had all the figures, variants, exclusives, etc from the first three series before the expensive exclusives REALLY started to get nuts and I realized there was no way I could keep up with a complete collection (to say nothing of the space) and not start cutting into my finances far too severly. So I sold 'em all but the con exclusives and the gold Master Chief and have limited myself to the SDCC exclusive figure every year, but I think I'm breaking down for this anniversary collection. Gotta get some of the other Master Chief armor's at least. Frickin' McFarlane, you're killin' me!