The Screaming Asian And The Stolen DSes

Games Convention in Leipzig isn't all about having fun, cosplaying, and trying out upcoming video games. There are also plenty of traumatic events going on as well, such as the poor folks at SouthPeak Games, who came to the show this morning to let people sample their fine DS lineup only to find that all of their DS systems had been stolen. I was so shocked at the news I had to go outside to get a cigarette. Yes, I know I quit a few months ago, but this is me from a past when I am still smoking, having jumped to the future to warn myself about the screaming Asian man, only it was too late.As I was standing there an ambulance pulls up, with medical technicians rushing into the building. A couple of minutes later they come up with an Asian teen writhing about in the stretcher, screaming the most blood-curdling scream I've ever heard, over and over again. I saw no blood, and his body looked okay outwardly - he was just screaming nonstop. I waited til they closed the door to snap the picture, out of respect, but even within the sturdy van I could still hear him wailing away. I did ask around to see if anyone knew what happened, but no dice. I am just going to go ahead and assume he got hopped up on speed and attempted to play My Horse and Me 2.


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