The Saturday Morning Stream: LEGO: The Hobbit (Stream Over)

Warning: Today's Saturday stream may contain material that spoil the events of a fantasy book published in 1937.


After last week's Titanfall fiasco, I had a hankering for some lighter fare, a game where I can leisurely explore, even in mid-combat, without too much of a penalty. A game that allows me to talk to the nice folks in Twitch chat while I play. That is the reason I chose LEGO: The Hobbit. It certainly wasn't that I found my copy buried under a pile of odd things while cleaning my office yesterday.

Isn't that how all great adventures start? Not really. Here's the stream:

Update: And we're done! Thanks as always to everyone who showed up to chat. Here's the archive, preserved forever in the halls of some legendary dwarf thing.

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The consistent high quality of TT's Lego games continues to surprise me. Since playing Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on a whim (largely because Lego Jack has the funniest walk cycle ever) it's become one of my favorite franchises.