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The Saturday Evening Stream Plays Warlords Of Draenor (All Done!)

I've been waiting all damn day for this, keeping my character online as I worked to make sure I didn't have to queue up. Let's play some World of Warcraft, Warlords-style.


What will I be doing? I don't know. Tidying up the garrison, cleaning up some Shadowmoon quests. Maybe queue up for a dungeon as a DPS class and see how many hours that takes to happen. The possibilities are as endless as the Twitch stream is auto-starting.

Update: And we're done. A lovely time was had by all. We got to see a massive pitched story battle, several quests, some garrison loving and even a fiery dungeon of dungeony doom and fire. It was pretty great.


Watch live video from Bunnyspatial on Twitch

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Never played WoW before or even really watched it but wow... that looks really boring...