The Safest Way To Take Outposts In Far Cry 4

There used to be two main ways to take outposts in Far Cry: sneaking around and stabbing everyone inside, or going in guns blazing. Thanks to the addition of the tiny helicopter, though, Far Cry 4 players have discovered a third option: death from above.


Here's YouTuber "punish" showing us all how it's done in a recent gameplay video:

The footage might make attacking an outpost by air look like a dizzying affair. And it is, to an extant. I've tried to do something similar both in single-player and multiplayer and found that it can be tricky to gracefully steer a helicopter ("buzzer" is the proper name) with one hand and shoot a grenade launcher with the other. But that's also what makes this player's feat so impressive. I mean, he even managed to disable one of the alarms. And take the outpost without having reinforcements called in. That is what I like to call "pretty damn impressive."

Here are the steps to follow if you want to try something similar:

  • Step One: Equip a proper sidearm. The helicopter is a vehicle like any other at the end of the day, which means that you can only use one-handed firearms when piloting it. Thankfully, Far Cry 4 has the wonderful M-79 grenade launcher that's perfect for our purposes here. Alternatively, you could also play in co-op and have you or your buddy ride along with any two-handed tool of destruction as well.
  • Step Two: Find a helicopter. Pretty self-explanatory, I guess. But those darn things can be pretty tough to pinpoint sometimes! Once you get your hands on a buzzer, I'm telling you: don't let it go anytime soon.
  • Step Three: Rain down hellfire. Again, pretty self-explanatory.

Once you get the hang of flying-and-shooting, taking outposts by air like this is an effective way to snag more of them from Pagan Min's minions. But keep in mind that you won't get as much experience as you would if you seized an outpost stealthily—i.e., without triggering any alarms or being detected. Is there a way to do even that with the tiny helicopter? None that I've managed to pull off. But I'm sure that Far Cry 4 players are doing their best to figure out a way.

Be sure to check out our other gameplay tips for Far Cry 4 as well, which I will continue to update as well delve ever deeper into the game.


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I just finished my first playthrough last night. While I LOVE flying the Buzzer, it breaks the game in a number of ways.

(1) As you point out, one can take outposts (and 3/4 fortresses) from the air with a grenade launcher and a healthy supply of hand grenades and molotovs.

(2) You can bypass all the bell towers by landing the Buzzer to the top floor, where the radio console is located. You can easily commandeer every radio tower in an area in less than an hour using this method.

(3) The same applies for many otherwise difficult-to-reach collectibles and areas. There's one collectible in particular that requires you to scale the highest accessible peak in the game (lots of grappling hook involved) and take a spectacularly long zipline from the peak of that mountain to a narrow cavern at the top of another mountain. With the Buzzer, you can bypass this rigamarole entirely by flying the Buzzer straight into the cavern.

(4) You can use it for hunting. This method makes hunting even dangerous game completely safe, as land-bound animals (including rhinos and elephants) have no way to counter-attack. This also works for several of the Kyrat Fashion Week "legendary" animals, using the "sidearm" variant of the weapon class required by the quest (e.g. the Auto-Cross for bowhunts, the 87 for shotgun hunts, the grenade launcher for explosives hunts— there's no sidearm assault rifle, to my knowledge, so you'll have to do at least those on foot).

(5) It renders quests requiring you to chase down or tail a vehicle trivial.