The Saboteur Is A Lot Less Chesty On The iPhone

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With a rating of 12+ on Apple's App Store, Hands-On Mobile's iPhone take on EA's The Saboteur promises more Nazi foiling and less randomly topless women.


The Saboteur is now available on the App Store, with $2.99 scoring purchasers 12 missions spread across seven environments, with a less potty-mouthed Sean Devlin amassing an arsenal of weapons and devices to help liberate Paris from the Nazis during World War II.

As with many iPhone companion games, it looks absolutely nothing like the console version, and likely doesn't play anything like it either. Is that a good thing? With seven five-star reviews, seven three-star reviews, and 7 one-star reviews, I'd say it's something of an acquired taste.


If I were a former member of The Saboteur developer Pandemic, I'd create a strongly-worded parody game.

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Mass Deduction (née scrapking)

Am I the only one who read the headline as "The Saboteur Is A Lot Less Cheesy On The iPhone"?