The Rural Juror

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Good evening or morning, Kotaku readership. Let's wind this Wednesday at Kotaku down with a little off-topic conversation, shall we? Yes, let's. Because Kotaku is desperately seeking words over the next 24 hours.


Mr. Totilo will be out, I will be performing my civic duties by trying to get out of jury service (I kid!) and other Kotaku editors will be indisposed for a good portion of the day. We will not just be boozing to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I promise. Looks like tonight may be the night I celebrate my Irish heritage, perhaps with some margaritas.

Please, talk amongst yourselves about these things and other things.

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Platypus Man

OK, so I got a PS3 about a week ago. I got 2 games, 3D Dot Game Heroes and ModNation Racers. However, I couldn't get them until a few days after I got the console, so I bought a PSone classic off of the PSN to tide me over. So, I got Final Fantasy IX, the only PS1 Final Fantasy I never played.

Anyway, a week later and I've played a lot more FF9 than either of the new PS3 games I bought. An 11-year old game for the PS1. It's a good game, so I'm fine with it, but it makes me a bit sad that I've spent most of my PS3 time with a PS1 game.

Oh well.