The RPG That Parties Like It's 1991

Sick of "modern" role-playing games and their fancy graphics engines and free-flowing first-person perspective? Why not try Legend of Grimrock. It's like a breath of stale air (but I don't mean that in a bad way!).


Developed by indie studio Almost Human, it's a quaint throwback to the days of early 90's RPGs on the PC, with movement based on tiles and combat based on clicking a giant button, not swinging a disembodied arm.

It's due out before the end of the year, and in addition to the PC, it'll also be released on the Mac and iPhone/iPod/iPad as well.

Legend of Grimrock [Almost Human]

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It's cool to see, and it's nice to see another branch of the RPG come back. But I don't know if they have done enough to keep it relevant in today's gaming climate.

I mean, there are many genres that were left behind due to forwarding technology, but some came back and did so utilizing the technology that was on hand. Modernizing the genre.

For examples of this, I would say things like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Shadow Complex, Bastion etc...but this seems to be a case of very old mechanics, glossed over with some new looks. The other games I mentioned just did that little bit more.

It should still be decent enough, but maybe only to those who really miss the genre.