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The Romance and Enchantment of Rift's In-Game Marriage System Makes Me a Little Queasy

I was going to title this post "The Romance and Enchantment of Rift's In-Game Marriage System Makes Me Throw Up a Little in My Mouth", but that's far too long, and while spoil the cake?


"Fahey is just bitter, he has never known true MMO romance!" Really? I'll tell you about MMO romance. I was having them back when MMOs were text-based and were called MUSHes. I flew across the continent to meet potential partners that were completely perfect for me until it turned out they were insane.

Certainly I am exaggerating, right? How about the one that told me she'd rather not call the police after discovering her ex with a dagger in his chest, having attempted suicide after discovering I had come to visit? How about the one that made me sleep on her living room floor with no blanket and my shoes as pillows because I hung the wet bath towel on the wrong rack?


I'd go on, but one day this is going to make an amazing book / movie / comic book mini-series.

In all fairness I've also met some rather lovely people that I am still good friends with despite no longer having a romantic relationship. I'd say maybe one in ten. Thank goodness I stopped playing those odds.

So yeah, go get married in Rift. It's romantic.

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Wow, those weddings do sure look fun...

Except that what's really happening is that everyone typed /dance and walked away...

I mean, I've done my share of /dance-ing, but usually in a "everyone is on a bio break, so I'll dance until they get back" kinda way. I have a good bladder.