'Tis the week of Wrestlemania and therefore the week that World Wrestling Entertainment is trying to sell its fans anything and everything. That anything and everything includes the latest terrible video game starring The Rock. Finally... we have a game called Rockpocalpyse in which the beefy Hollywood actor/WWE champion tries to save the world by beating up other beefy dudes.


The 24 minutes of gameplay captured in the video above by the masochists at Touch Gameplay is something of an endurance run. See how long you can make it before closing the video in disgust about how blatantly the developers are ripping of Epic's Infinity Blade (itself a successor to Nintendo's Punch-Out).

At least it's free-to-play, which means hopefully no one will be fooled into paying any money for it.


And to think I'd thought the era of terrible licensed games was a thing of a Superman 64 and Enter The Matrix past. The Walking Dead and the Rock argue otherwise.

Here's the game's official description, from iTunes:

The Rock is on set filming his latest movie when suddenly everything goes terribly, horribly wrong. People on the lot are changing - becoming infected with a mysterious pathogen that turns them into violent, angry beats.


But, hey, maybe the footage lies. User reviews on iTunes are overwhelmingly positive:

'This game is so intense."

"The game is FREE?!! One of the best games on the App Store I've seen. Graphics are phenomenal for the mobile platform and the storyline is very audience-oriented. Overall it's a wonderful piece of work and I can't wait to see more out of this developer! 5/5 stars"


"Best game on apple history"

"This is a good game. Make a Sheamus one."


OK, I just downloaded it and tested it.

Nope. It sucks. It really is a bad Infinity Blade clone with bland graphics, boring music, a terrible setting, an ugly interace and uninteresting controls.


(Now if it starred Daniel Bryan...I might be willing to overlook some flaws.)

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