The Robots Rise In RISK: Factions

Stainless Games' colorful candy take on the classic strategy game RISK gets even stranger today, as the developer reveals the third faction joining humans and cats in the battle for global domination: Robots.

The first shots in the battle of RISK: Factions were fired in January, when the feline and human factions were revealed, cementing the particular brand of wackiness that Stainless Games is bringing to this Xbox Live Arcade game firmly in place. Now the clank of heavy metallic feet can be heard, marching across the map, ready to expose both feline and non-feline for pussies they truly are.


I mean come on, this is robots. Barring a confusing speech by a Starfleet captain, they're unstoppable. They lack human emotion, which gives them an advantage over the fleshies, and have you ever seen a cat react to a vacuum cleaner? There's no battle there. Just the shrill cries of kittens dying in droves.

RISK: Factions is slated for release this summer on Xbox Live Arcade. We eagerly await the introduction of ninjas.


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