The Road Never got a Video Game, but Deadlight Might be the Next Best Thing

Spanish developers Tequila Works are working on Deadlight, an Xbox Live Arcade game that has you wandering around what's left of a post-apocalyptic 1980s America.


Calling it "a cinematic action-platformer with action-based puzzles", I'm calling it "a game that's already pushing nearly all my buttons".

It'll be out on XBLA in the Summer.



Yeah, it definitely looks Crescent Fresh! But I thought 'I AM ALIVE' was the designated 'The Road' game!

Nevertheless this will definitely be a DOP for me! It's like Shadow Complex meets I AM ALIVE in the form of a vintage Atari 2600 commercial! That's an amazing combination, even just typing that! It's like getting an itch scratched in a place you didn't even know you had, but are now content in scratching it all day long! Like.. you know.. somewhere behind the left, no the right testicle, halfway towards the anus... along the fold that connects to your leg. Yup somewhere in there!