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The Rick And Morty Mods For GTA V Are Way Too Real

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The mods transform Grand Theft Auto V into a bloodbath of surreal, familial dysfunction. Like the “Look Who’s Purging Now” episode from season 2, but way more fucked up.

Every day without more Rick and Morty is a wasted day in my opinion. More episodes, more games, I want it all. Mods too! At least I thought I did. But that was before I saw what happens when to morbid parodies collide with one another going 90 MPH on an LA expressway.


Police, strippers, anyone and everyone might be turned into a Rick or a Morty.


The mods in question, which add Rick Sanchez, his spaceship, and lots of Mortys, come compliments of Jedidiah515. Videos posted by Modded Games showcase a few of the fucked up things you can do in GTA V with their help.

The Rick and Morty universe has always been a uniquely nihilistic hellscape of bungled science experiments and multi-dimensional plans gone awry, so seeing a pile full of Mortys get mauled by a runaway jeep and then start melting in the fire is par for the course. But seeing it all rendered in the uncanny valley of GTA’s graphical engine is some next level shit.


Jedidiah525 explains on the mod’s page, “I’m a huge fan of Rick and Morty, and since it has not been made yet, I decided to port a model base on Rick Sanchez.”

The results speak for themselves.