The Reward For Going Flawless In Destiny 2's Trials Is Pretty Strange

It only took a few minutes for Destiny 2 players to go flawless in the new competitive mode, Trials of the Nine, which went live this afternoon. And the reward is... well, let me put a spoiler warning here just in case you want to discover for yourself.




Go 7-0 in Destiny 2's Trials, as YouTuber Kruzer and his squad did, and you’ll be rewarded not just with gear from the Trials shopkeeper, but a weird “social space” complete with one giant man.

Here’s the full video of Kruzer’s run. At 1:32:40 you can see him jump into a hole that takes him to the new “social” area, which has you and your fireteam hanging out in space next to a gigantic version of the Trials emissary.

You’ll get plenty of guns and engrams for winning Trials matches, even if you don’t go flawless. But lucky players who do get a 7-0 ticket will find themselves face-to-face with a giant head, which is perhaps the most important reward of all.

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