The Revolt 2 Gaming PC Wears Its Graphics Card Like A Pretty Hat

Every part of your gaming PC is precious, working in harmony with other parts to make your games smooth and pretty. But the graphics card is the crown jewel, so iBuyPower’s small form factor Revolt 2 puts it in the appropriate spot.


Doesn’t it look pretty? Normally we get a side view of our graphics cards, which the makers like to capitalize on by slapping their branding on the spine.

“Oh my goodness, you have one of the two major brands of video cards!” is a thing no one says. Better they be mesmerized by spinning fans than advertised at all day.

Available in January, iBuyPower’s Revolt 2 should fit any mini-ITX motherboard inside it and any full-size video card as long as it isn’t too wide. The box was built with LAN gaming in mind, so along with a 3.5 inch HDD bay its got this handy little dealie up front.


It’s a plug-and-play SSD slot, for those of you not following along.

Of course this is a small form factor PC, so don’t expect to be putting all of the things inside it. One graphics card, a processor, some memory and some storage, just like mom used to make.


The official product page for the Revolt 2 says the system was designed to solve a common problem in all PC cases: “The most important components were hidden.” Now we get to see where the magic happens. It’s very spinny magic.

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