The Resident Evil Game With No Story

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Horror series Resident Evil is coming to the upcoming Nintendo 3DS with Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. Revelations is only 20 percent done, but The Mercenaries is 70 percent finished. Why is that?

Well, probably because The Mercenaries 3D is a Nintendo 3DS port of "The Mercenaries" modes from the past RE games. These are bonus modes unlocked when players finish the game.


"The Mercenaries mode was just bonus material up until now," RE: Revelations director Koushi Nakanishi tells Famitsu (via 1Up), "so a lot of gamers never even got around to playing them, I don't think. You had to finish the main games to unlock them, which made them tough to access in the first place, and a lot of the challenges were pretty sadistically balanced besides."

The controls are similar to past Resident Evil games, but have been tweaked to allow players to fire while moving. Players can toggle back and forth between third-person view and first-person as well. Other additions include role-playing game style character customization, allowing characters to tinker with their weaponry and skills. The characters differ in their abilities, too.

But don't expect an epic role-playing game style story.

"It's tailored to be a pure action game, so there is no story aspect to it at all," Inoue said. "Instead of that, we're implementing a lot of new gameplay into the action." And it's got online and it's in 3D!


So if you didn't play these Mercenaries modes the first time and you want to play them all edited together without a cohesive story, this is your game.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Detailed [1Up]

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I wasn't aware that Capcom even wrote the story prior to designing the game.

Seems like Capcom just sits around the room and throws ideas out concerning story and characters until something sticks, much akin to how Hollywood producers sit around the room and throw ideas around for a summer blockbuster.

"The Hero has to wear a brown leather jacket. Because brown leather jackets are cool."

"It would be cool if the zombie's were actually controlled by cockroaches. Yeah, and when you shoot a zombies head off, the cockroach part comes out where the person's head used to be and could easily decapitate you..."


"So the badguy kidnaps the president's daughter..."

"President of where?"

"America you idiot!"

"But I thought Racoon City was fictional...?"

"Shut up an get me some coffee, Takeda"

"Anyways, like I was saying, the president's daughter gets kidnapped, let's maker her look like a teen singer, like a young britney spears back when she was hot or..."

"...ashley simpson?"

"Excellent, Tanaka! In fact, let's just call her Ashley. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's focus on the more important things, like what she wears."

"She has to wear a miniskirt!"

"Great job, Hideo! Let's just make it look like she is in a schoolgirl outfit, but tone it down so it doesn't look ridiculous."

"What color are her panties?"

"Good question. White I suppose. Let's design the camera so that you can't see them though. Gamers like that."

"Anyways, she gets kidnapped..."

"By who...?"

"Does it really matter? Make it a terrorist, or a evil corporate bioweapons ceo or..."

"Hey, why don't we make it the badguy a priest, the leader of a weird cult? And he can have some big dude that has a weird eye, and has a crusty beard. We can call him big cheese?

"Macho Queso. I like it."

"Hold on, who said the game takes place in mexico???"

"We didn't say anything yet. Lets use our handy dandy eeny meeny miny mo system"


"It's settled, the game takes place in Spain"

"WHATTTTT? The designers already have 40% of the in game assets designed for racoon city, same as all previous titles!!!"

"Don't worry, we can still use some of that. Takeda? You back with my coffee? Good. Call Nintendo of America and tell them we are delaying the game by a year."