The Resident Evil 7 Demo Is Finally Getting An Update

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For months, fans who downloaded Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo have been wondering what the hell we’re supposed to do with a useless in-game finger. Well, we might be on the cusp of getting an answer on that front.


Here’s the latest trailer:

According to the Playstation blog, the Beginning Hour demo will receive a “Twilight version” update today, which is supposed to expand on “what you can do and explore” within the demo—which makes sense, given that there were a few items within the demo that players found no use for the first time around. Appropriately, the footage Capcom just released gives us a glimpse of more areas of the house that weren’t previously accessible, as well as some more clues as to what’s going on with the Baker family. They, uh, really like feasting on guts. They also love kicking the player’s ass.


You can check out more screenshots of Resident Evil 7 here. Note that if you’re interested in giving the demo a whirl, you don’t need a PlayStation Plus account to download, so get on that.

As of this writing, the new demo isn’t live yet, though it’s supposed to drop sometime “later today.”

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Are we sure this is not Condemned 3?

Does not look like Resident Evil whatsoever.