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The Real World Could Use More 2D Video Games

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We know Filipe Costa of Pipoca VFX from his work on transforming Pokemon and the original Tomb Raider into first-person games. Now he's working on transforming the largest first-person game of them all into 2D classics.

I've seen plenty of 2D sprites Photoshopped into real-world locations, but I've rarely seen them in motion like this. It's like those dreams I used to get as a kid after a day spent fully invested in a game like Donkey Kong or Super Mario Bros., where the digital images start to bleed through into reality. I really dig it.

In case you don't recognize a game from the vid, here's a handy list.

Game List:

00:04 _ Advance Wars 2

00:08 _ Metal Slug

00:12 _ Lamborghini - American Challenge

00:15 _ Godzilla – Kajuu Dai Kessen

00:20 _ Donkey Kong

00:25 _ Street Fighter II Turbo

00:28 _ Mortal Kombat 2

00:29 _ Killer Instinct

00:31 _ The King of Fighters (96)

00:33 _ Dragon Ball Z – Hyper Dimension

00:38 _ Super Mario World

00:41 _ Donkey Kong Country

00:43 _ Sonic the Hedgehog 2

00:48 _ Super Star Wars 3: Return of the Jedi

00:52 _ Indiana Jones - Greatest Adventures

00:55 _ Legend of Zelda

00:57_ Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

00:59 _ Pokemon - Black/White

01:02 _ Excite Bike

01:05 _ Super Mario Kart