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To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Still Air Conditioner Free

Some of my fondest memories growing up, and there were plenty of them, were my summer trips to Ocean City Maryland and hanging out in Marty's Playland. While I grew up living in places all over the world, our home base was always Glen Burnie, Maryland. My dad kept the house until he retired in the 90s and moved to Florida.


Every summer we would try to make our way to Ocean City. When I was going to college at the University of Maryland - College Park, my friends and I would go down to OC for a a few weeks or a month every summer.

My favorite trip to the ocean and it's boardwalks was the summer that I spent down there living out of my car. I would spend the night reading books, prowling the streets, trying to nap in the back seat, and then come morning would look around for a house with a backyard shower and hose myself off. The days were usually spent playing games in the numerous beach arcades, playing volleyball, rollerblading or getting tanked on beer and shrimp at Bull on the Beach and passing out away from the surf.

Good times.. no, great times.

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