Still Air Conditioner Free

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From: Bashcraft
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Oh yeah, I grew up in Dallas. Been to Fort Worth a gajillion times. No, a gajillion and one. Who's counting?

Speaking of air conditioning (smooth, eh?), Japanese buildings don't typically have central air — but rather, individual air conditioner units you put on the wall near the ceiling. We have several of these... Haven't turned them on yet. Probably should, it's getting hot and muggy. Wonder how long I can go without A/C....


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Seventy-five degrees this morning in north Georgia, probably won't get out of the 80's today, and the office already has the AC on. It is frgn freezing in my office, and yet I still get ridiculed for wearing hoodies in July. /sigh

At home, roommate wants to keep the house at 72 degrees (uncomfortably cool to me) constantly because he "doesn't want his wine to spoil". I thought that's what wine coolers were for.

I seriously live and work with a bunch of snowmen.