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​The Rarest Known PS4 Trophies

You're one of them. The accomplishment addicts. The trophy trackers. You need to get them all. Well, here are some PS4 trophies you might not want—or be able—to get.


The PS4 is a young system that's still in the early stages of building out its software library. Still, the system is home to a few trophies that are so daunting that most mere mortals might never pull off. The gentlemen at Access PlayStation document nine in-game, tough-to-do feats from various PS4 games, which show up in Resogun, FIFA 14, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Sportsfriends, among other games.

Here's the list:

What say you, PS4 owners? Have you done any of these yet?

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Look I understand the illiterate population prefers videos, but really , most of us prefer to read's faster and doesn't consume as much bandwidth.