The Rarest Animation In Super Mario Bros. 3

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Here’s a fun way to amuse yourself on this sleepy Monday afternoon: Supper Mario Broth, an old tumblr page that’s full of cool Nintendo art, screenshots, and trivia.


For example: did you know that Super Mario Bros. 3 has an animation that you can only see if you get the Hammer Suit when you’re in the process of sliding? (h/t Chris Kohler)

As Supper Mario Broth explains, you can’t actually slide down a hill while you’re wearing the Hammer Suit—ducking to slide will just make you go into your shell. But Nintendo made an animation for the Hammer Suit’s slide, just in case you happen to get the power-up while you’re already on a slope.

Rad, don’t you think? Another fun fact: one of the doors in Super Mario Galaxy was actually a sign.



I always love little tidbits like these, thanks for sharing!

I do kind of wonder whether the sprite was made in case Mario was sliding while he got the power-up as is claimed here or if Mario was intended to be able to slide with the Hammer Suit on, but it was decided later on that he shouldn’t slide. In the latter case, the sprite would supposed to be unused except this one specific scenario triggers it.