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The Rare Destiny Gun That Nobody Seems To Have [UPDATE]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week, hard mode launched for Destiny's Crota's End raid. Along with tougher enemies and lightly remixed battles, hard mode brought the opportunity to win a number of cool new guns. But the rarest of them, a rifle called Necrochasm, appears to be mysteriously missing in action.

Some background: Shortly after The Dark Below expansion launched, people began discovering this weird gun called Husk of the Pit. The husk is a crappy gun that, with some time and attention, can gradually morph into a much better one.


If you use Husk of the Pit to kill a whole bunch of Hive enemies (we've woken the hive!), it'll be ready to upgrade into the legendary gun Eidolon Ally. Fully level up Eidolon Ally, and it'll transform into Necrochasm, an exotic arc-damage auto-rifle that causes enemies to friggin' explode. Fully leveling up Eidolon Ally, however, requires an upgrade item called "Crux of Crota," which Bungie says is a super-rare reward for beating Crota at the end of the Crota's End raid on hard mode.


So, in order to turn our Eidolon Allies into Necrochasms, we'd had to wait for hard mode to launch, beat Crota, and hope for a lucky drop.

On Wednesday, hard mode launched. It is indeed hard (I'll have more thoughts on it, and on Crota's End in general, soon) and beating Crota is no small feat. However, given that millions of people attempted hard mode in its first 24 hours, along with the fact that numerous solid strategies have already surfaced for the final fight, it's a safe bet that thousands of people have beaten Crota on hard mode. Thing is… apparently, no one has gotten the Crux of Crota as a reward.

It would appear that there are no Necrochasms out there, or at least, no one's talking about them. There are no YouTubers gleefully showing off the gun, no forum posters celebrating or describing how it works. There are several threads on the popular Destiny subreddit asking about the gun, and no one has come forward to say they've gotten it.

Bungie's David "DeeJ" Dague popped into one thread to confirm that the Crux is indeed "in the loot table," which means that there is a chance of it dropping. Still, that doesn't explain how no one appears to have gotten it.


We're left with a number of possibilities, but no clear answer.

  • Maybe someone has indeed gotten the drop, but they don't post on reddit, don't make YouTube videos, and don't talk at all on Twitter or other social media. Given Destiny's enthusiastic community, that seems unlikely, but I guess it's not impossible.
  • Maybe the gun is so unbelievably rare that it just hasn't dropped yet, straight-up. (That would probably make it so rare that most of us will never get it, given that even with three characters you can only beat Crota three times a week.)
  • Maybe the game is bugged and the drop isn't triggering. That isn't outside of the realm of possibility, especially when you consider how many bugs are in the game, along with the fact that the Husk of the Pit actually didn't drop properly for several days after the expansion came out.
  • Maybe, there's some other thing you have to do to get it in addition to beating Crota. Beat him with a special set of circumstances? Bring a special item in your inventory?
  • Or maybe, the loot table is tuned so that it becomes more likely you'll get the drop with each subsequent time you beat Crota.

At the moment, it's a mystery. All that we know is that, at the time of this writing, no one has come forward to say they got the Crux of Crota, and no one has Necrochasm. I've asked Bungie if they can shed any more light on what the deal is, and I'll update if I hear anything back. In the meantime, if you or someone you raid with did get the Crux, I hope you'll let us know.

Update 1/26/2015: It looks like the Crux of Crota has dropped for at least one person. You can watch the gun in (German) action here.


Update 1/28/2014: We're hearing from more and more people who've gotten the Crux this week, so it now seems more likely that the initial rarity of the drop was related to the fact that it was the first week of hard mode. Your odds have probably improved after yesterday's reset. Good luck!

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