The Rap Song That Dreams Of Mass Effect And Fallout 3

My favourite video game rap song of all time is "The Video Game Song" by Sole and Alias. It's getting a little old, though, so Sole is back with a new game-heavy track, called "The Deadliest Game", and it's great.


If you're having trouble keeping up, the lyrics are handily displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen as, yes, EVE Online's chat section. Actually, the entire video is shot as an EVE gameplay clip. Neat touch!


"The Deadliest Game" is the first single off Sole's upcoming album mansbestfriend volume 5, which is out on May 15.

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That had do much potential, but I thought the lyrics were mediocre at best. Decent flow with a good beat, but his rhymes were forced and, for the most part, non-existant. The lyrics were the same egotistical lyrics you expect from shitty rappers, except he replaced cars, drugs, and bling with video game references and other nerdy shit.