The Quest to Build Mario Kart Inside Dota 2

You know what they say about oil and water, or kart racers and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs). Neither mixes together very well. But that hasn't stopped a brave crew of Dota 2 players-cum-modders from attempting to rejigger Valve's classic to be a little more like Mario Kart.


The unorthodox union is called Dota Dash. Its page on the Steam Community forums describes it as "a Fast-paced Dota 2 racing game meant to feel like Mario Kart. Race with fast-paced sliding controls! Use greevil shells to blast your enemy! Drop banana peels to send your enemy slipping!"

The thing is freely available online for gamers curious enough to take it out for a spin. But be warned: the mod has sparked enough controversy already that its creators have had to apologize for the thing repeatedly, insisting that it's still in the earliest of experimental development stages.

The comments section for the above video showing early Dota Dash footage became a particularly fierce battleground. Many YouTubers blasted the game for being an unholy combination at best and, more often, one that was simply nonfunctional and thus not a lot of fun to play on a PC.

Dota Dash's creator, a modder who goes by the handle BMD, took to Reddit over the weekend to apologize for all the initial hiccups and to say that he's still working on turning the mod into a workable game. In a sign of how intense the blowback against this mod was, BMD went out of his way to take sole responsibility for Dota Dash, insisting that the other Dota 2 modders and mapmakers with their handles attached to the project weren't to blame.

"I also want to apologize to Nigma for his video becoming a battleground he had nothing to do with," BMD wrote in an update, referring to the original video. "I thought it was a really fun way to show off the mod."

He provided another video of his own to show off the new kind of movement and gameplay he's trying to bring into Dota 2 with the mod:

"I'm working on making the dota 2 map raceable, as well as building a 'campaign' system so that people can race across multiple maps in the same game session, instead of on only a single map," BMD wrote. "I'm also building development tools for mappers so that they can draw their map in Hammer, then use my development tools to place all of the powerups/waypoints/hazards/barriers on the map, and then release their map/map pack (or possibly even sell it on the workshop eventually)."


Sounds crazy for sure. But crazy enough to work? Both of these games have been tinkered with in the past with fruitful results. Mario Kart 8 has already attracted a modding community of sorts. And Dota 2 wouldn't even exist if it weren't for enterprising Warcraft III modders. I remain wary but curious.

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This, of course, begs the question that mods like this always do.

Why would you play a shitty version of mario cart on an engine not designed for it when you could play actual mario cart. Even on your PC you can get the 64 version, which I'm sure is going to be a million times better than this.