Sony is also tinkering with the UI:

Smaller changes are coming to the PlayStation and Remote Play apps, as well. Starting September 23, users streaming games over Remote Play will have the option to use their mobile data connection instead of WiFi. The PS app, meanwhile, is getting screen sharing. If a friend is playing a game on PS5, you’ll be able to message them through the app and have them broadcast their gameplay directly to you.


While the PS5 launched last November, tomorrow’s update will mark the first time players have been able to meaningfully expand its limited 500GB base storage capacity. It was possible to use expandable storage SSDs before, but you could only play PS4 games off them. Tomorrow’s update will make them fully-operational, as long as you’ve purchased and installed the right one, a not uncomplicated process when compared with the plug-and-play approach of the Xbox Series X/S.

Sony previously released in-depth directions, including specifications to compare. Now, just in case you were already feeling intimidated, there’s a new four minute video guide to help get you through the PS5 surgery.

While it certainly would have been nice the full 3D Audio and SSD support to have been available at launch, but at least both have arrived in time for the fall release onslaught. If you spend $200 doubling the PS5’s storage, you just might be able to fit both Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone on the same console.