You'll now be able to download and install many digital PS4 games before they come out—like you can on the PC—thanks to a new pre-loading plan that Sony just announced.

You won't be able to play those games until their release dates, of course. But if you know you're going to buy a game, and you want to preorder it, you can now load it up on your console, too, so you can start playing the second it comes out.

Sony's got a full list of the games that will support pre-loading at first, which includes the likes of Destiny, Bloodborne, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Games you pre-order will be automatically downloaded and pre-loaded by default, assuming you leave your PlayStation 4 online and in standby mode.

Pre-ordering games may still be a bad idea, but this is a nice service—and it certainly helps the PS4 feel more "next-gen."