The PS4 Might Be A Decent Media Server After All

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Last month, Sony took the surprisingly unpopular decision to strip a lot of the media server functionality from the PS4 that made the PS3 such a useful box. Well, the backlash made an impression, with Sony now discussing "how and when we can put these features on PS4".


In an interview with Giant Bomb (spotted by Polygon), PlayStation Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida says "the biggest surprise for us all internally at Sony" was just how upset people got that the PS4 wouldn't be able to stream their own personal movies and music the way a PS3 can.

"It's not like we actively decided 'Let's not do this feature so that people will subscribe to Music Unlimited,'" Yoshida said. "Like we have been saying, the focus has been always on the game features. And some of the features we wanted but we couldn't get in on day one we are very disappointed and worried about not having on day one, and that have been the higher priorities."

"We didn't really think about MP3 or DLNA," he adds. "We always thought we're going to do that eventually. We've been doing it with all the products. So it caught us off guard."

"As we speak ... the teams in Japan and U.S., the system guys are discussing how and when we can put these features on PS4".

A Chat With Shuhei Yoshida [Giant Bomb, via Polygon]



See, this is why Sony are the good guys. They listen to what the fans want. Not like Microsoft, those guys didn't change a thing.

Sony heard what the fans had to say, and they have reacted. It's not a promise, and there's no saying that anything will actually be done. But at least they have said something. Why didn't Microsoft do this too?

Sure, there are changes, but what are real changes here? What's to tell what will stick and what won't? I'd take speculation over tangible change any day of the week.