The PS4 Takes A Step Backwards

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Normally you'd expect new consoles to add to your entertainment experience. It's a bummer to hear today, then, that the PS4 will actually be taking away one of the PS3's cooler features.


For many people, the PS3 is more than a games console. It's an entertainment hub, thanks to the machine's excellent media server capabilities. Those without a dedicated device designed to sling movies and music from a PC to a TV have long sung the PS3's praises, particularly the way it allowed programs like PS3 Media Server to take the hassle out of what used to be a complicated experience.

So Sony's decision to cut media server compatibility (ie DLNA support) from the PS4 has left a lot of people upset. I can understand why they did it; Sony is instead pushing people to use its own online store and streaming service for music and movies. A service users would pay for. But it's still a crummy move.

Who wants to pay for Sony's online library? If you're into paying for that kind of stuff at all, you're likely already paying for the same kind of content from Apple, or Google, or Amazon, or even Microsoft. The beauty of the PS3's server support was that it let me stream all my music and movies, not just the stuff that would be on Sony's store.

Enough people have complained throughout the day that PlayStation boss Shuehei Yoshida has been alerted, telling fans on Twitter "Thanks for the feedback to the lack of MP3 and DLNA support at the launch of PS4. I'll share with the PS4 Dev team for future consideration."

Could be a "Thanks for your feedback, now get lost", could be a "Oh shit, we'd better put this in an early firmware update". Let's hope it's the latter.