The PS3 Slim Uses Less Power Than We (Or Sony) Thought

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Sure, it's not as sexy a bullet-point as "new design" or "lower price", but the fact the PS3 Slim was reported as running on 34% less power than the previous model was still appreciated. Thing is, that figure is wrong.

Crave decided not to take Sony's press releases at their word, and instead plugged a Slim into machines to test its actual power output. And their findings are a little surprising!

The Slim uses a lot less power than Sony have given it credit for. In standby mode, it's around 70% more efficient, while playing games and Blu-Rays its just over 50% more efficient.


That's not to say its an efficient machine per se (it still uses 4x as much juice playing a Blu-Ray as a standalone Blu-Ray player), but hey, in relative terms, the Slim is now a lot more efficient than it's fatter, older, more wasteful brother.

PS3 Slim uses half the power of PS3 'Fat' [Crave, via Gizmodo]

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I almost don't even want to make this comment because I know I'm going to get flamed like crazy... but does anyone actually care how much power their consoles use? As long as it's not ridiculous, like powering a nuclear reactor, how many people out there pay attention, know, or care?

*dons flame suit*