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The PS3 Pad That Copies the 360's Controller

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While there have been adapters allowing you to use 360 pads on a PS3 for a while now (and vice versa), it's not often you see a controller released that promises to literally copy one platform's pad and replicate it on another.

That's exactly what Speedlink's new PS3 controller promises to do, though, taking the Xbox 360 controller layout and putting it on a pad that works with Sony's console, not Microsoft's.


It's not just the layout that's been copied, either. The controller is called the XEOX (it's out in October), and in place of the PlayStation button in the centre of the pad there's a green ring that looks a lot like the 360's guide button. Even the font is similar to that used by Microsoft. Seems weird, but it's slightly less alarming when you see that it already exists on PC (where the 360 pad has become the default standard in controllers), and all that's being done here is a change for the face buttons from letters to the PlayStation's icons.

Sounds bananas, but I'm actually interested in this. Ever since the Dreamcast I've preferred my main thumbstick to be in the top-left, and as such normally prefer the 360 version of a game to the PS3 as it feels more comfortable to me. Provided this was actually a decent pad, this would even things up. Though I imagine seeing one next to both an official 360 and PS3 controller would be awkward.


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