The PS3 Is Secure...For Now (Dun Dun DUN)

Hacker KaKaRoTo (real name Youness Alaoui), the fellow behind the PSFreedom jailbreak, thinks the PS3 is now secure after the recent firmware update.

"Their previous errors were epic fails, it doesn't mean they can't do an epic save either.. they seem to have fixed all the issues they had," Youness Alaoui wrote on Twitter (via CVG).


KaKaRoTo says that it looks like the PS3 has been re-secured, adding, "but it doesn't mean it can't be broken again from scratch." Does that mean KaKaRoTo is up to the challenge?

"Oh, before I get flooded: NOT BY ME! I don't really care about breaking the PS3, I'm fine with what we have so far. I will NOT work on it!!"

Sony is currently battling rapper hacker George Hotz, who helped crack the PS3 and posted the console's source code online.


Youness Alaoui (KaKaRoToKS) on Twitter [Twitter via CVG]

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