Far Cry 5 lets you play as a man or woman. I was surprised to find that option when I started the game. And it got several of us on staff thinking: when presented with the option, do you play as a man or a woman in video games? And are there any series where you’d like to see them switch it up?


Far Cry 5 does little to acknowledge that choice of who you play as, it’s nice to use the limited customization options to roleplay as yourself or step into the shoes of someone more different.

I recently sat down with my Kotaku colleagues Stephen Totilo and Gita Jackson to learn about whether they play games as male or female characters and to get their opinions on what these options mean. I also had to take some time to gush about Zarya from Overwatch.


We covered a lot of games and series, including Mass Effect, Uncharted, and Zelda. Take a look above or over on our YouTube channel.

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