The Problem With Gamification

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Greg Costikyan on the subject of gamification. Or, turning things/activities that aren't games into games.


The Problem with Gamification...[Play This Thing, via Super Punch]

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Not really? Isn't gamification best used for tasks, missions or "quests" that can't be immediately measured and scored with money?

Like for example, doing school work, exercising, eating healthy, home chores, daily errands and so on.

None of these things grant you immediate feedback under one unified terms of scores/rewards or tracking. Building up an artificial, game-like system around it, that encompasses all these things under one roof, to make it more fun, trackable and instantly rewarding is the whole point of gamification. Measuring everything by money, as in how much every small task/"quest" will earn us in the long end doesn't work in that way. It's not the same thing and it's not as concrete, easily trackable and immediate and most importantly, it doesn't unify all these things under one "system", one "game".