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The Problem With Games PR

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You know, we get asked the following quite a lot: "hey, you guys should find out about [some game]". It's asked like finding a lot of stuff out in this indsutry is easy. Well, it's not. And you know why it's not easy? Because of games PR. The slick-haired filter between what we want to know and what game companies get to tell us. While some (some) are proud gamers and are also super-helpful, others are clueless, and some - the worst kind - are lying shitbags. Want to know more? Brandon Sheffield's written a nice piece over on GameSetWatch, giving you guys a helpful breakdown on how games PR works, what's wrong with it and what he thinks can be done to fix it. Opinion: The Game Industry's PR Problem [GameSetWatch]

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I never even knew what game PR was til' this generation and yes there is a big problem with it! When journalists and developers hype a game up to such a high level and you finally get to play it, you're underwhelmed. For example, Resistance 2 was a great game, but I was underwhelmed when Ted Price did PR for the game and said something about big boss battles being done right, and although I, am not trying to spoil any part of the game, I will say the levithan boss battle left me in utter disappointment. Other examples include the original Motorstorm trialer, Lair, and for some reason, even though gameplay of Alan Wake hasn't been released I have a feeling it will not live up to it's tech demo.