The Princess Of Persia

It doesn't matter that the Prince of Persia is a dude. A chesty dude. Meagan VanBurkleo wanted to dress up like him, so dress up like him she has. And what a cracking job she's done.

In this shoot with pal Jessika (photos by LJinto), Meagan - who made the costume - shows off the insane amount of detail that went into it, reproducing not just the Prince's claw glove, but going so far as to match the game's vibrant colour scheme and even go the trouble of adding fancy frilly bits wherever the Prince's costume demanded fancy frilly bits.


My favourite part, though, is that Meagan is voiced by Meagan, and not Nolan North.

Cosplay Feature: Princess of Persia [Meagan VanBurkleo, thanks wlpl!]


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