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Fresh from greeting the Super Bowl winners in Madden NFL 11, President Obama will make an appearance in NBA 2K11, hosting a White House reception for the NBA champs in a special cinematic included in the game's Association mode.


Association mode is the persistent franchise simulation where you run a team over the course of several years - longer than two presidential terms, actually. So if you win 12 titles in a row, Obama will greet you for every one of them, like a latter-day FDR.


The only thing more unbelivable than that is the Clippers winning it all.

Since we've seen POTUS shaking hands with the Madden champs and now NBA 2K11's, I know the question most on your mind now: will President Obama - a noted basketball player and fan - appear as a secret character in NBA Jam, as President Clinton did in 1993?

"We haven't made any announcements regarding politicians, past or present, in NBA Jam," an EA Sports spokesman told Kotaku today.

Both NBA 2K11 and NBA Jam arrive Oct. 5.

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