With the New York City Comic-Con just a few days away, 2K Games gives fans of the comic book-based The Darkness II a little show of its own, with videos of Jackie Estacado's powers, the evil organization he'll be using them against, and the odd slice of cheesecake.

With his girlfriend from the previous game "unavailable" to make an appearance in the second, I faced the prospect of The Darkness II being what the kids call a total sausage-fest. Looks like I was wrong. The redhead here, who goes by the name of Venus, hangs out in a place called Venus, or merely resides in a screenshot called Venus_Gun.jpg, was found inside a folder called "Brothel", so I am assuming she is some sort of adult entertainment technician. I could be wrong. Perhaps the game takes place in an alternate reality where dress material is at a premium and only the barest of coverings is allowed.


Either way, I wouldn't worry about a sex mini-game in The Darkness II. If Jackie Estacado has sex with a woman he passes on the power to his offspring and dies instantly. Now there's a game over screen for you.

Flip through the gallery for more on Jackie's powers and purpose.

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The Brotherhood is a secret society formed to protect the world from the power of The Darkness, but over time their motives have become warped and twisted. Now they wish to harness its dread power, and only Jackie Estacado stands in their way.

Jackie's Swarm power in action.

Quad-wielding, because four-armed is four-warned.

The Black Hole power sucks balls, and anything else that happens to be hanging about.

The Darkling, because without them Jackie would just be walking tentacle porn with guns.

Gun Channeling turns your enemies purple. I'm sure there's more to it than that.