The Portable Laptop That Might Make PC Gaming On-The-Go Work

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This is the Razer Switchblade, currently an "innovative concept design" for a portable laptop computer with a customizable keyboard and touchscreen interface, a device that promises a "full desktop experience in a netbook sized solution." World of Warcraft on-the-go, anyone?


That's one of the ways that Razer is pitching the Switchblade concept, as well as a device that could play Quake Live, with customized keys for game-specific actions. Razer says they're "replacing the traditional mouse and keyboard interface with an ultra-sensitive multi-touch screen, dynamic tactile keyboard, and an intelligent user interface that adjusts the configuration and key layout on-the-fly based on game content and user requirements."

As one can see in the gallery of concept shots below, the Razer Switchblade is a tiny little thing. Looks playable enough, but since this is a concept, we'll have to wait until there's something tangible to play with to see if the Switchblade is a good PC gaming option.

We'll be visiting Razer at this week's CES to learn more about the Switchblade and everything else the company has for PC gamers.

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Looks like it would be a very cool thing to play FPS games on, becuase FPS games use...what like...10 keys + mouse movement for aim? WSAD, Primary, Secondary, Melee, Shoot, Aim, Grenade. Only issue I see is how is it going to offer aiming? A small mouse?

World of Warcraft can be an issue for that little thing, because you use pretty much every number key for spells/abilities, WSAD, mouse movement, attack, etc etc. Looks like it would take a lot more keys than what that thing has. Really cool concept though to use your thumbs for it.