The Political Intrigue Not Seen in These New A Game of Thrones Screens

A Game of Thrones - Genesis seems to be a big fan of flashing us with pictures of rolling landscapes, snow and the odd knight or two.

This latest batch of five new screens is no different. The press release that accompanied the images tells us that the game will "emphasize the backstabbing and political intrigues which are common in Westeros and the fight for the Iron Throne. Command the assassination of an opponent's Great Lord, set up secret alliances, send a spy to take the place of the opponent's unit, or harass his trade routes to weaken his economy. Treasons, espionage, kidnapping and ransoms... treachery is everywhere, so always watch your back!"


Well, every where but in these images. That's OK, they're still pretty. But not as pretty as they could be.

A Game of Thrones - Genesis will release for PC in retail and digital stores on Sept. 29.

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