The Pokémon Anime's New Ending Theme Is Nuts

[GIF via Pokemon]

Here’s the new closer for anime Pokémon: XY & Z. Get ready to overdose on Pikachu, ketchup, and cuteness.

Above is a 33-second sample from the official site. Here’s the full song via Twitter user Maru_run33:


The track is Pikachu’s Song, which Kotaku previously introduced. Its bonkers lyrics are only surpassed by this ending animation. Bravo.

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Has this series evolved at all since the ‘90s?

I’ve seen recent pictures of Ash where he looks a little older, but honestly it seems like he’s never gotten any closer to being a Pokemon Master and he and the other characters have just fallen into a continuous rut of the same old repetitive behavior, made all the more sad by the fact that his traveling companions always leave him and move on with their lives while he and Pikachu just continue to roam each freshly discovered continent like a hobo and his dog.