The Pocket God Comic Book Has A Story, Somehow

One of the biggest games/apps/whatever-it-is on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Pocket God, will be turned into a comic soon. Here's page three, the second page to be shown to the public (after this one). But what's the story?

Dave Castelnuovo of Pocket God studio Bolt Creative explained, over e-mail, what the comic is about: "Well, here's a look into the first issue. The pygmies live in a world where they are basically immortal, they can get killed but then minutes later they come back to life. Even beyond that, it seems like they get randomly exposed to dangers for some reason that is beyond them. For the most part, the pygmies believe in a group of gods that they have to somehow appease by praying to them and offering them sacrifices.


"The main character is kind of a smart ass and questions these beliefs. He is a rebel that plays pranks on his fellow pygmies that often times cause them to die. He thinks its really no big deal because they will just end up being resurrected but the other pygmies think he is taking the gift of immortality for granted.

"The first arc is about them losing the power to be resurrected and their mission to figure out how to fix it."

If you've played Pocket God, you get all that right? That annoying pygmy-tormenting god is.. you. At least, it is in the constantly-updated game which doesn't have much of a story. "Since Pocket God began, it's really just been a platform that we used to experiment and evolve the world that the pygmies live in," Castelnuovo told Kotaku.

"At first, there was hardly anything but we eventually started adding new islands, games, and even a story mode where players can create their own narrative with the pygmy characters. The comic book is just a new step in that direction where we are starting to give the pygmies personalities and flesh out the world that they live in. We are looking to do an on-going series but the first arc that is being produced will be four issues."


The Pocket God comics series is expected to be available on iTunes in June or July. It will be available in print form in September from APE Entertainment.

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