The PlayStation Vita's Case is Surprisingly Kick-Ass

This is an eight-minute video, featuring Sony engineer Atsushi Watanabe, about the official carry-case for the PlayStation Vita. Eight minutes! What's surprising is not the length, but the fact it's actually worth watching.

The case looks classy. It's no hard plastic shell; instead it's a soft flip-around thing with some neat touches like the fact you can completely remove it from the Vita but it'll still hang off straps underneath while you're playing, and move it around so it acts like a stand.

Interview with Sony engineer Atsushi Watanabe [Tiny Cartridge]

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I really enjoyed turning on Transcribe Audio and then using Transcribe Captions to take bad transcription and make it become even worse translations. It's insane and silly, fully of gems like "This case is just a very interesting wrestler.". Their back and forth is that much more amazing. :)

Also, the case looks pretty slick. I might have to actually go for one!

[Best transcribed quote: "The uneven surface and a determined individual and AIDS in Japan."]